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Bright Agrotech

ZipGrow Farmers

Why ZipGrow™ Vertical Farming & Gardening Towers?


Here are some of the top benefits to the commericial or hobbyist vertical farmer or gardener:

Our ZipGrowTM
vertical farming towers are highly productive, modular, and functional in a variety of plant production scenarios, from commercial greens production to landscape design.

Many of our customers use them for aquaponic plant production - a utility that takes advantage of the massive mechanical and biological filtration capacity of our towers.


Bright Agrotech is passionate about growing healthy, sustainable food for our local community and helping small farmers everywhere do the same.

What is a ZipGrow Tower?

  • Grow 2-3x more per square foot than traditional horizontal production
  • Reduce your post-harvest labor and packaging costs (about 60% of a small farmer's cost)
  • Produce more than ANY OTHER vertical farming technique on the market

  Choose your path to sustainable food 



Living Produce in Stores
Imagine the health benefits for you and your family!

Living produce in stores

Our towers are designed to be displayed whole and unharvested in the marketplace which helps strengthen local economies and offer more choices to consumers who want the ultimate experience in freshness, nutrition and flavor.
Because our ZipGrow™ Towers are both light weight and productive, we have patented an innovative live sales distribution model that helps farmers live better and bring a higher quality product to market!

We're shrinking the distance between farm & plate!

It's time to take back our health with healthier, more nutrient-dense produce!

Healthier produce in supermarkets


Anyone can have their own vertical garden!

The Spring System 
An innovative home vertical gardening solution
Grow fresh flowers, veggies, greens and herbs in your own home without taking up much space!

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