Commercial Aquaponic & Hydroponics

ZipGrow™ Vertical Farming Towers for Commercial Producers

Benefits to Commercial Vertical Farmers & Growers:

    • Grow 2-3x more per square foot than traditional aquaponic production!
    • Post-harvest labor and packaging costs can be reduced by 60% of costs!
    • More productive than ANY OTHER vertical farming technique on the market.


ZipGrowTM Towers Maximize Yields

  More Surface Area & Better Nutrient Efficiency

  • More productive than ANY OTHER vertical farming technique on the market. 3-4 times more productive per square foot
  • Reduce post-harvest labor and packaging costs by 60%!
  • Maximized yields from maximized crop densities
  • Significantly lower light extinction rates

 ZipGrow™ Towers can be stacked closed together for maximizing space efficiency and producing more per square foot of growing space. 

ZipGrowTM Towers also offer higher specific surface area (SSA) than any other natural or artificial media used in aquaponics.

Our Matrix Media offers:
  • Higher nitrification efficiency
  • Better solids mineralization 
  • Faster plant growth than any other media on the market

As a result, commercial systems using ZipGrowTM Towers have:
  • Drastically more nutrient processing power
  • Better efficiency 
  • Higher water quality
  • Improved fish health
     Best Towers for Aquaponics Systems 


Production using ZipGrow™ tower systems typically triples to quadruples yield per square foot. For growers interested in increasing production in an existing facility, or reducing the size of an addition, the increases in crop density per square ft. achieved with ZipGrow™ tower systems can represent significant savings.

     Best Towers for Hydroponics Systems 

Hydroponic producers can benefit from the use of vertical space in greenhouse production. Resource consumption happens on a volume basis in greenhouse production, whether it is heating and cooling costs or structure and covering costs.

By growing vertically, producers can:
  • Use their greenhouses volumetrically
  • Use resources more efficiently
  • Reduce costs & increasing margins 

ZipGrow™ towers and ZipGrow Matrix Media™ inserts are completely compatible with hydroponic production. Inserts can be reused for 1-3 years, can be sterilized, and hold up well with repeated use.

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More Commercial Applications for ZipGrowTM Towers

ZipGrow™ Towers brings value across ALL levels of production and distribution, empowering local farmers!

For commercial producers, these aspects of design and operation are of utmost importance, and offer unique opportunities to compete in traditional markets.

There are numerous other commercial applications for ZipGrowTM Towers, including landscape design and architectural applications, phytoremediation applications and passive cooling applications.

Towers can be a powerful accent to architectural designs, function as privacy fencing or help shade structures.

Regardless of the many interesting and useful applications for ZipGrowTM Towers, they are a simple and novel solution to many design, engineering and environmental compliance issues.

A living green wall setup in Tagawa Gardens in Denver, CO utilizes otherwise wasted wall space to grow delicious greens and herbs!
Live Sales!

The Live Sales model made possible with ZipGrow™ Tower systems can also benefit producers by reducing post-harvest labor costs and eliminating packaging costs.

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