The Spring

The Spring is an innovative vertical gardening tower enabling you and your family to easily grow your own sustainable, nutritious food.

The Spring allows home gardeners to make use of otherwise unused vertical space to grow food and flowers. 

The Spring Vertical Gardening Tower

Setting Up Your Spring

How to Garden Vertically
  1. Plant your Spring's ZipGrow™ Tower
  2. Fill the Spring's basin with water and included nutrient solution
  3. Plug in your Spring System
  4. Start growing healthy food for your family!

Easy to plant, grow and harvest fresh food!

planting a vertical garden
The Spring was crowd-funding using Kickstarter

We want to sincerely thank all of our backers who helped us reach our goal and bring the Spring to life!


Special thanks to our EPIC DONORS:

Debra Erb & Elizabeth Barrett

For pledging $2000 or more! 

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