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ZipGrow Farm Walls are designed to turn any wall into a lush, vertical garden. Whether it’s the USA Pavilion or your local restaurant, you’ve never seen food this fresh. 

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growing parsley in hydroponics

Parsley is a voracious grower in hydroponics systems and can be in high demand from local restaurants or grocery stores if you have the local market demand for it. In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses the specifics of what hydroponic growers need to know when growing parsley in their systems, vertical or not.

The Next Generation for Galactic Farms

You may have heard of Jeff Pernell’s ‘Space 200‘. The compact, seismic-ready, mobile aquaponic system was built last year for the University of Montana.
A few weekends ago I had the chance to meet Jeff Pernell, its’ creator, in person. Since the Space 200 Jeff has developed his business – Galactic Farms – even further.

A Week at Bright Agrotech: ZipRacks and Pull-Ups

At Bright, we love our team. Despite our fast-paced and at times hectic work week ,we have a lot of fun together. This week Halle and I returned from the Roadmap to STEM Con, we pinned a few cat memes up in the office, put up a Farm Wall, had a pull-up contest, and the entire team tested out a mobile hydroponic system.

Fable: From Farm to Table – Welcome a New Upstart Farmer!

It all started with an avocado.
Tired of the mysterious, wilted produce typical of the produce aisle in chain grocery stores, Tom Deacon, a film editor in New York, started rooting out avocado pits on a whim. A few months later he had a fleet of young avocado trees growing in the dead of winter, and an idea began to grow.
At the same time, farm-to-table restaurants began to shine brighter and brighter as beacons of transparency, and soon the mass-produced grocery store produce had taken on a drab tone that Tom could not justify.

Roaming the Farmers’ Market: July 24 at the ZipGrow Farm Wall

The Downtown Laramie Farm Wall is in full swing and looking beautiful, so last Friday the media team took an impromptu trip to get some photos and meet our community while the streets were still full of farmer’s market guests.
Tyler, our head of media, issued an invitation…

Welcome Amaryllis Garden Greens, New Upstart Farmer!

Having raised four sons and been involved in sports her whole life, Anne Marie understands what a positive impact sports can have on the development of young world citizens.
“The arrival of my freight farm has sparked an interest into our food system, how it’s produced, [and] where it comes from. What is local really? My customers want local- real local. They want to know who is growing the food they are eating, they want to become more conscious, want a leader. ”

Working With Purpose

At Bright, we’re looking to grow our team of hard working risk-takers, hungry and humble ruckus-makers, and those who believe in their ability to help do something that’s never been done before. We believe wholeheartedly in creating a better food system and giving greater access to more responsibly grown food to anyone who wants it. Every day we intentionally strive to build this future by thinking differently, being useful, and creating honest products to empower the farmers and gardeners using ZipGrow technology. If you’re incredibly passionate about educating, equipping and empowering the future growers of our world, and the motivation, work ethic, and tenacity to make it happen, we want to meet you. 

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Upstart University is the World’s First Online University for practical, effective vertical farmers. No sci-fi skyscraper farms here. Just hard working, volumetric, drought-friendly farms and farmers making an impact on their local communities. Our team of experts leads students through an ever-expanding curriculum to take them from aspiring growers to a farm-managing, produce-selling, vertical farmers.

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