Aquaponics Webinar: A Live Q&A with Dr. Storey

Bright Agrotech’s webinars are given as an effort to enrich the growing community and support a brighter future of food. Aquaponics expert Dr. Nate Storey leads participants through a discussion of relevant topics. We choose the topics to enable growers to build better functioning systems, maintain their crops, and sell effectively to burgeoning markets.

One of Bright Agrotech’s first webinars is the Aquaponics Webinar, which covers types of aquaponic techniques, construction of systems, the factors you need to consider when delving into aquaponics, and aquaponics as a business.

Because we didn’t want anyone to miss out on Dr. Storey’s inside advice, we recorded the session and made it available to you. Enjoy!

Click here for the recording.


Also, be sure to checkout the Aquaponics Academy podcast, available here or on iTunes.