Why does ZipGrow technology exist?

ZipGrow: Empowering the farmer.

Vertical farming should come at a profit, not a cost.

Many vertical farms are built in a way that makes it harder for the farmer to farm. But we think that the benefits of vertical farming shouldn’t come at the cost of the farmer. 

That’s why we design a product that is accessible, simple, and scaleable.

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When farmer and consumer are one

The ZipGrow Tower is at the core of everything we do. Because it’s so simple, ZipGrow belongs in any operation, whether small or large.

From the guy farming in his shed to the manager of an automated warehouse farm, ZipGrow puts the power in the hands of any person who wants to grow. This accessibility is blurring the line between those who produce and those who consume.

Farming no longer has to be a full-time job.

ZipGrow Towers require 60% (or more) less labor than other hydroponic or aquaponic methods. That means that farming is no longer full-time occupation. 

Just look at our Upstart Farmers, who are engineers, film editors, coaches, teachers, and soldiers by day and changing the future of food in the evenings and over the weekends.

Farmers are more supported than ever before

We’re known for our dense collection of high-quality resources.

That help and support doesn’t stop coming after you purchase. You’ll work with an Upstart Farmers expert to answer your questions about growing, marketing, and management. You’ll also be a part of the Upstart Farmers Community, exchanging ideas, collaborating, and learning from small farmers like yourself.

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Not sure what to expect with a commercial hydroponic system?

Read What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Grow, and learn what questions you should be asking your potential system provider.

 How much can you grow?

Square Feet Towers Lbs. of herbs/month Lbs. of greens/month
180 50 163 275
360 100 325 550
540 150 488 825
900 250 813 1375
1800 500 1625 2750

*Lbs. of herbs/month and lbs. of greens/month assumes 100% production of either herbs or greens. These production levels cannot be achieved simultaneously.

ZipGrow in Any Space

The possibilities are bounded only by your imagination.

Turnkey Systems

Better Together.

Bright Agrotech’s turnkey systems provide you with everything you need to get growing.

ZipGrows, ZipRacks, nutrient dosing, lighting, plumbing – you name it.

We’ll design your turnkey system to fit in your warehouse or greenhouse perfectly.

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ZipGrow Commercial Starter Bundles

50 ZipGrow towers

$58/tower + Support Package + $300 SHIPPING
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150 ZipGrow towers

$56.50/tower + Support Package + $495.00 Shipping
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