The Intersection of Ag Tech and Organic [Presentation]

Guess what happened today? Dr. Nate went to Milan again. This time, he’s not there to check on the USA Pavilions’ giant vertical farm, but to address a question that immediately arises when a pro-organic consumer (or farmer) looks at the world’s largest food producing... read more

Vertical Farming Costs and the Math Behind Them

Stacked beds ≠ Vertical farming Those of you familiar with indoor growing know that the most common form is to take horizontal planes of production and stack them one on top of the other. We’re going to show you the math behind getting higher production and having... read more

What Every Indoor Farmer Needs To Know About UV Clarifiers

We use a UV clarifier in our indoor hydroponic system, and have even used one in our aquaponic system a time or two. In the aquaponic system we mostly used the clarifier to sterilize water on startup. At the beginning of an aquaponic systems’ life there can be algal... read more

What Happens When Restaurants Become Urban Farms?

There are many opportunities left to explore in urban farming. Urban farming is still pretty undefined. Everybody has a different definition of what it looks like, who it’s for, and what the goals are. This can be a great thing because it means that... read more

All About Dosing Systems For Indoor Growers

Whether you’re an aquaponic or hydroponic grower, you can make use of auto-dosing systems.   Auto-dosing systems monitor EC, pH, temp, and other water variables, then they change those variables in real time. We use IntelliDose systems, which are easy to set up.... read more

The Best Sump System for Indoor Farmers

Watch more videos on indoor growing here. What is a sump? We talk about them a lot, but if you’re a beginner you might not be familiar with that word. A sump tank is basically a collection tank for all of the runoff from the system. Sump tanks are used in greenhouses... read more

A Day in the Life of an Upstart Community Builder

As more small farmers and educators around the world start using ZipGrow products, the need for connections between those growers increase. Building that community is a difficult task. Luckily, we have people like Halle on it. Who is Halle?   Name: Halle Brake... read more

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