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Welcome A Veteran-Run Farm: Vet Veggies!

Welcome, Vet Veggies! The Upstart Farmers are a group of innovative farmers using ZipGrow technology on their farm. We get excited every time a new farmer joins the table, because each and every one of them bring unique ideas and passions with their businesses. This... read more

Scaling A Farm the Easy Way (Warning: Mind-blowing GIFs)

Indoor farms are traditionally expensive and complicated to scale. No more! With ZipFarm™, adding on is as easy as stringing racks together. No re-routing plumbing. No additional retrofitting. You just add. You can add on to your farm in small units Unlike other... read more

Bright Agrotech Officially an Autodesk Cleantech Partner

Autodesk provides designing, engineering, and fabrication tools for a variety of applications. We’ve had the privilege of being a part of the Autodesk® Cleantech Partner Program since this summer, and our product development team is loving it. To design farms that... read more

How To Empower Youth With A Farm: Be Like Lee

Can agriculture change a culture? Some of you are thinking, “of course it can!” Others are scratching your heads. Today I’d like to introduce you, whether you are the first person or the second, to a woman taking opportunities in the new age of... read more

2 Ways to Build a DIY Hydroponics System

A couple years ago we made a DIY Home Aquaponics Build Tutorial, and aquaponics home-growers loved it. But what about all you hydroponicists and low-key urban farmers out there? You didn’t think we would leave you hanging, did you? Tyler’s going to show... read more

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The ZipGrow Library


Bright Agrotech on Youtube

Check out hundred of other helpful videos on our Youtube channel.

USU 1040: Intro to Business Planning

When you’re looking to start an Upstart Farm, a business plan is essential. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a backyard farm or tens of thousands of square feet in a warehouse – a business plan will guide and define your efforts. Get this course and many others for only $9.99/mo in our premium Upstart University learning community.


USU 1030: Intro to Hydroponics

Ready to learn how to grow hydroponically? Here’s an intro to hydroponics with Dr. Nate Storey. We strongly recommend that every USU complete this course before moving on to higher level course work. Get this course and many others for only $9.99/mo in our premium Upstart University learning community.

Intro to Aquaponics – Mini Course

This course focuses on how things work in aquaponic systems, why they work that way, and what this means for your decision to go with hydroponics or aquaponics. Get this course and many others for only $9.99/mo in our premium Upstart University learning community.

Bright Agrotech Podcasts

AP_Academy_Podcast_Cover_Art1Aquaponics Academy

In this podcast, Dr. Nate Storey breaks down aquaponics concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. You can listen to this podcast on SoundCloud, Stitcher, or iTunes and get your aquaponics info on the go.


Hear more episodes at Aquaponics Academy.

USFR-Launch-featured-image1Upstart Farmers Radio (USFR)

Created specially for small vertical farmers, USFR addresses issues and ideas specific to Upstart Farmers, from marketing to pest control. Join the experts to get the inside information running a successful vertical farm.


Hear more episodes at Upstart Farmers Radio.