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“The Spring Garden from Bright Agrotech and Dr. Nate Storey is the most affordable, most productive and easiest to use vertical gardening system kit on the market.”

Spencer Curry

Owner, FRESH Farm Aquaponics

Vertical Gardening Made Easy

(And won’t cost you a fortune)


Save Space

5 feet of garden in just over 1 foot.

Save Time

Less maintenance. More fun.

Save Water

The recirculating design makes water conservation a breeze.

The Spring System

What a great product. Sturdy construction and great customer support. Called to ask some questions and owner answered the phone!

Camp T.

I was a little intimidated by the instructions and feared the assembly and planting might be difficult. It turned out to be very easy and quick, the two towers took me less than 10 minutes to plant. My only disappointment was that I only order two systems.

Tamara Campfield

Start growing your own fresh flowers, veggies, greens and herbs without sacrificing space.

Now just $199+shipping